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Our Christy Dawn x Real Fun, Wow! collaboration came together when Christy and her husband Aras fell in love with a celestial illustration that said "Trust the Universe." Upon finding the artist, Daren Magee, they realized they had a lot in common and thought it would be fun to create something special together. After a few poignant conversations and meetings of the minds, the first limited-edition Christy Dawn bandana was born.
  • Original design created in collaboration with artist Daren Magee of Real Fun, Wow!
  • Hand block printed on cotton
  • 23” x 23”

Mother Earth is a powerful teacher. We look to her for guidance, celebrating her beauty and resilience throughout our entire process. We root through piles of leftover fabric called “deadstock,” and when we find fabric we love, our team of artisans cuts, sews and finishes each piece in our Downtown LA factory. This talented team puts care and intention into each seam they sew. Speed is the last thing on their minds; we ask them to take a deep breath, slow down and create something they are proud of.