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People often ask me about the skincare products I use, so I thought I'd start offering some of my favorites right here on our website! Rituel's Sacred Rose Mist offers deep hydration, and it's been shown to balance pH and soothe redness. I carry this with me and use it throughout the day - it's so light and fresh! I especially love how every ingredient is organic and regenerative, both for our planet, and for our skin. When my skin needs some extra help, I pair this with Rituel's CBD facial serum. They're the perfect duo! Xx, Christy
  • Rituel Sacred Rose Mist
  • 3.4 fl oz, 100 ml
  • Replenish the moisture and vitality of your skin with the exhaled moisture of thousands of organic, heirloom roses!
  • Contains purifying waters and naturally occurring hydrating oils from fresh organic roses

Mother Earth is a powerful teacher. We look to her for guidance, celebrating her beauty and resilience throughout our entire process. We root through piles of leftover fabric called “deadstock,” and when we find fabric we love, our team of artisans cuts, sews and finishes each piece in our Downtown LA factory. This talented team puts care and intention into each seam they sew. Speed is the last thing on their minds; we ask them to take a deep breath, slow down and create something they are proud of.