Featuring original artwork by Merakilabbe - Vanja Vukelić - our 2021 Moon Calendar cloth is your guide to the year and will help you tune into the energies of the moon. Syncing our lives with the phases of the moon is a form of self-care and inner discovery that can aid us in living a life that is in greater harmony with Mother Earth, her ever-changing seasons and our intuition. Working with her ancient rhythms is a form of sympathetic magic in which we are able to see reflections of the grand pattern and become conscious co-creators of our life. May your year be full of light and love and guidance from above.
  • This item is final sale - ineligible for store credit, refund or exchange
  • Cloth calendar featuring the 2021 moon cycles
  • Lightweight white deadstock fabric, cotton canvas 
  • Colors and pattern printed directly on the canvas using water-based ink
  • Original design created in collaboration with the artist, Vanja Vukelić  (Instagram: @merakilabbe
  • Calendar created for Northern Hemisphere - will work globally as new and full moons usually only vary by one day 
  • Flowers in calendar line represent the full moon bloom 
  • Merrow stitched hem
  • Measures about 14" x 19" - up to 1" variance given the nature of the fabric 

When we started Christy Dawn, we just wanted to make beauty. We used deadstock because it was better for the Earth (and most affordable). As we grew, we realized: sustainability is not enough. We can't just sustain. Now it's time to heal.

In collaboration with the farmers and artisans of Oshadi Collective, we started by healing the soil through a regenerative cotton farm in Erode, India. Every aspect of this process is in a direct reciprocal relationship with the human beings who steward the land, the plants that feed from the soil and Mother Earth herself.

Utilizing upcycled deadstock (leftover fabrics from larger fashion houses that would otherwise end up in a landfill) is where we began and organic cotton is how we support the collective as we grow our regenerative farm acreage. Our goal is to eventually produce all of our fabrics through ancient wisdom and regenerative practices.

We have our own factory in Los Angeles. In India, we are working toward creating a fully regenerative fibershed, replete with cut and sew facilities. Our talented team puts care and intention into each seam we sew. Speed is the last thing on our minds; we prefer to slow down and breathe into each piece we are crafting.