Fernanda Romero is a beautifully passionate being busy making her creative mark. From music to fashion and the spots in between, she indulges where she feels inspired, tinting her endeavors with a uniquely multi-cultural air, always remaining committed to bridging borders and creative avenues alike.

Q-You have so many projects, can you give a small rundown?

So many things going on right now! In this moment: 1. Finishing my perfume line, Vita Parfum. They’re each made with a vegetable oil base and are beautifully clean. 2. I just finished two wonderful films: Honeyglue and 400 Days 3. I recently finished an EP with my band, The White Cherries. There are so many things happening, but I’m mostly excited to finally share them all!

Q-Can you tell us more about The White Cherries and Sartorial Babylon?

Well, Sartorial Babylon is my blog. I share my favorite things and, along with a couple contributors, we write reviews and sartorial inspired posts. With The White Cherries, we just finished our EP so its time to perform, make a video for the single, all that.

Q-What influences and inspires you?

For my everyday life, music. It’s like a diary to express how I feel so it’s very personal. I get inspired by my experiences, nature, life, love – they all somehow form the core of everything. But peaceful oceans and long sunsets are my favorite.\

Q-How would you define yourself?

Adventurous. Extrovert. Passionate. Lover. Unstoppable. Fun.

Q-What’s your style like?

It’s a mix between vintage and contemporary. I’ve always loved my grandma’s closet.

Q-Do you prefer any particular cuts?

It depends on my mood and event, but I love a relaxed style. Effortless is best.

Q-Where would you adventure tomorrow?

I’d have a Palm Springs rendezvous.

Q-You’re originally from Mexico, do you think you brought any of that cultural vibrancy with you?

For sure, being from Mexico is a big part of who I am. Passion moves me a lot and Mexican people tend to be super passionate about many things. We go for it, we’re raised that way. My roots play a lot to who I am and I’m grateful my parents taught me to embrace it.

Q-What’s art for you?

Art is my everything, it’s my world! I would go nuts if I don’t express myself and art’s yet another way to express how I feel. I usually live in my own world so sharing little parts of it feels good.

Q-What are your daily loves?

Ice cream, coffee, my dogs, and being with the person I love.

Q-What are you reading and listening to right now?

Listening: Cut Copy, Wunder Wunder, Phantogram.. Reading: Super Brain by Deepak Chopra

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