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FINAL SALE // Hey sexy, meet sophisticated. This dress brings the best of both worlds into one frock. Side slits are the perfect finishing touch on this must-have dress. The Orchid features a square neck, adjustable button straps and side slits.
  • Light weight black and white rayon blend
  • Button adjustable straps
  • Side slits
  • Back zipper closure
  • Kate is 5'9 and wearing the xs

“No matter how a piece of clothing looks, it cannot be considered beautiful if, in producing it, the environment is destroyed or people are exploited. When deciding on what to wear, we all have an obligation to consider how it’s made and the impact that process has on the planet and its people.”

Christy Dawn

Ebony Checker | 1

The rayon blend (eco dry cleaning recommended) we used is rescued deadstock fabric that was left over from a larger fashion house. By using deadstock fabric we save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water annually and keep the planet clean.

Poly | Orchid Ebony Checker

“I was born with a sewing machine in my hands!”

Poly was working the button machine for some Piper dresses when I interviewed him; it was so fascinating how quickly he works, cutting each new button hole with just a few intricate movements of his fingers. He enjoys doing a variety of jobs, so he likes that he gets to move around to different machines, and isn’t stuck on any one thing for his entire shift.

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