Dress Dimensions
There are only a few dresses in a woman's closet that stay with her forever, and Piper is one of them. Its structured bodice, button-up front and collared neckline make it a timeless classic. The Piper has a mid-length skirt, button up front, collar and structured bodice. It pairs just as nicely with a pair of chucks as it does with a set of LOQ flats.
  • Functional shell buttons
  • Medium weight, white cotton
  • Invisible side-zipper closure
  • Emily is 5'8 and wearing the XS

“No matter how a piece of clothing looks, it cannot be considered beautiful if, in producing it, the environment is destroyed or people are exploited. When deciding on what to wear, we all have an obligation to consider how it’s made and the impact that process has on the planet and its people.”

Christy Dawn

Alabaster Seersucker | 1

The cotton (cold wash recommended) we used is rescued deadstock fabric that was left over from a larger fashion house. By using deadstock fabric we save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water annually and keep the planet clean.

Gilberto | Piper Alabaster Seersucker 2

“My least favorite part of the job is when I make a mistake—human errors are inevitable but I really take pride in a job well done, and I like to do it right the first time!”

Gilberto operates the automatic cutting machine, so he touches every single piece of fabric used to make a Christy Dawn dress, and ensures that the patterns are cut out correctly. He’s been cutting fabric for twenty-eight years, starting out by hand first and then graduating to using the machine. It can be difficult, he says, looking at the markers and making sure everything stays right while it goes through the machine, but it’s also fun to have that constant challenge.

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